hello. with the help of our friends and family, nanawagan kami sa media: … sa abs-cbn / dzmm (typo: should be Vosotros with an S): … sa tv 5 / news 5 / radyo 5: …sa gma news tv / dzbb / unang hirit (airing april 22 AM): sa ngayon, wala pa rin po na […]

as of last check, the first two posts on dad’s disappearance have gone viral. thank you to everyone who has continued to post and enjoin their community to stay on the lookout. for the latest updates, and FAQs, please go to this page. there was a sighting in guadalupe by good samaritan din villafuerte, who sent […]

Latest Update: Feb. 21, 2018, 8:49 p.m. Hello. Salamat sa mga nangungumusta and who have shared my father’s missing poster. We will attempt to answer the Frequently Asked Questions here: 1. Sino ang nawawala? Alfredo “Fred” V. Poblete, 76, lolo, tatay, Bicolano, dating empleyado ng gubyerno. 2. Anong itsura niya? Mahigit-kumulang 5’4, payat, huling nakita […]

he’s my dad. and he’s missing from home. people close to him call him “fred,” “fredo,” or “pido.” he’s also been called “professor” (legit: he taught for a time at a college in my hometown). he’s also been called, “nonoy” and “manoy.” he’s the middle son in a family with nine kids. my lolo was uber-strict on […]

my mother had me when she was 35. dad was 40. so i should have done the math early. but then, i was never very good at math. my mom had her stroke at age 68. she turned 69 in the hospital. we weren’t prepared. she sure as shit wasn’t prepared either. mom told me, […]

too bad some days (actually, a lot of days) i’m just tired. tired of the Metro Manila traffic (dubbed “longest commute/ worst traffic on Earth” in 2015, “among 10 worst in the world” in 2016, and considered both a health risk and a crisis that needs congressional resolution, to date). dilemma 1: lose sleep (ha! and maybe shorten your life) so you […]

…it’s probably true. as with a sunset. it shouldn’t look the same. the last time i spied a memorable sunrise, though, was at a resort in baler. was there on a job, i woke up really early, around 3am or 4am (like this morn), for no reason. so i pulled on a sweater, went out, […]