In 3 days, we mark the first month since mama’s passing. Her cremains lie in their gray marble jar, next to her photo (that time us girls went to Korea), the cross, her rosary, a mass card, a candle always lit. Every night, at 9 p.m., we say the death novena for her, the Decenario. […]

this has been discussed so much in the periodicals and with friends that i can hardly add to the narratives being spun. they go along the lines of:(1) worth it — it being the the price of admission, including the hours enduring traffic, long lines, and standing toe to toe with “fans” who don’t care […]

another year almost over, another micro-aggression over social media. #whaddayouknow i should take this with a grain of salt. because people are people and tbh, everyone is just trying to live their best life. so as usual: you do you. and i do me. it got me thinking though: am i living my best life? […]

i find it really hard to be “nice.” with certain people, i find it downright impossible. my excuse is, time and again, they’ve disappointed me. you would think–the number of times it’s happened–that i’d be used to it by now. but…no. every time it happens, i get mad. it spills over. and i can’t keep […]

It’s Christmas.This used to be my favorite time of the year. Way back when, we’d have a big old party at the old maternal homestead. All the cousins would go home to Guinobatan; we’d stay there for at least a week. When we were kids, it was an awesome playground, lots of space in the […]

I didn’t know until recently that there were still predatory birds in the Katipunan area. A friend of mine, Victoria V., went on a bird walk and saw a peregrine falcon in Ateneo. V tells me this lady’s a regular. Hangs out with her mate at the old alma mater and leaves during the summer. […]

i have this friend who is a mental health advocate and she suggested i go to a therapist. she arranged it. i went. i had a real Good Will Hunting moment. the “it’s not your fault” scene (only, of course, mine would be about dad’s disappearance and mom stroking out in my bedroom). she offered tissues. […]

Originally posted on Stratbase ADR Institute:
CHINA’S GRAND LARCENY Stratbase ADR Institute Forum | July 12, 2018 By: Albert del Rosario Chair of ADR Institute Former Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Philippine Ambassador to the United States It is my honor to welcome you as we mark the second anniversary of the UNCLOS Arbitral Tribunal’s…

what were the hard-hitting questions of the week? in no particular order: how do i freeze time? when will i start this thing i’m supposed to have finished by now? when will i finish this thing i’m writing? why don’t i take photos of people? may K ba akong pumasta ng ‘young, scrappy, and hungry’ […]

ed sheeran’s concert at MOA grounds in 10 paragraphs (supposed to be sentences, but i got carried away): 10. SM bombarded its shoppers with his songs, just to remind people that sheeran was having a concert that day. “praktis” according to my concert mates, cherry and acrit. (thanks acrit, for keeping the tix from way […]