day one.

i’m a paid hack who dreams of being a ghost writer. just kidding. but this blog would not have been created if a friend had not asked for a tagalong. a reference point.

(of course, i was a tad late in responding, which renders the tag moot and academic.)

but i figured, why not, for future reference, just go with the flow.   

besides, ghost writers usually end up in a bad way. (or so pop culture would have us believe.)


what you do defines who you are. who you are defines what you do.

characterized by a lack of ambition, i tend to wonder: what motivates people? it should be easy to fathom, right? some people do what is necessary to survive, others pursue excitement at the risk of their lives (case in point, the base jumper who after – was it 72 times? – skydiving, falls to her death in malaysia due to a tangled parachute).

other motivations: fame, fortune, power, immortality (by sheer talent or deviousness or continuing the bloodline).

an easy enough rule to live by, on an individual scale, is not to harm others, even if we wish (or attempt) to harm ourselves.

i can’t, for the life of me, make sense of the lady who decided to end her life by jumping off a hong kong rooftop, only to accidentally kill another lady whom she unfortunately landed on. (i’d seen this before, in that film amelie, but really, the absurdity of having it happen in real life is tragic.)

now that’s the a new level of selfishness: bringing someone with you when you go (an existential tagalong if you will). as definitive acts and defining moments go, the very last thing you do before you die ought to be altruistic.  

at 2:22 a.m. i guess i shouldn’t pursue this train of thought to its eventual destination. i’m calling it a night.

day one, done.

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