My brother wakes me up with a text message asking me if I’m going to the Smashing Pumpkins concert.

He just finished a calamity shift (my words, not his) at a call center that continued operations despite the fact that only eight of their agents made it to the office, not to mention Palace memorandum circulars 33 and 33-A suspending work.

My brother, to his credit, is doing his damnedest to earn for his family; including braving floods, apparently.

Part of me wishes I could buy us tickets to that concert… Prudence, however, prevents me from making the gesture.

Nothing worse than a good intention strangled at conception.


Speaking of music and floods, check out Wanderlust by The Camerawalls.

Proceeds from the latest single were supposed to have gone to the band’s Asian tour, but now they’re using the majority to purchase relief goods.

For a mere $1 or around P42, you’ll be able to contribute to the disaster relief efforts, at a click of a button. Plus you get an awesome piece of music. Win-win.

So yes, I wrote the press release and bought the single. How could I not?


They’re using coffins to ferry across the floodwaters now. The imagery boggles the mind.

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