elusive happiness

FB entry, 2012/10/11, 12:27PM:

i am starting to worry about us here. this is, after all, the philippines. 25th (out of 151 countries, the US ranked 105th ) on the 2012 Happy Planet Index as reported in june 2012 according to ABS-CBN


103rd (out of 155 countries, the US ranked 11th) n the 2012 World Happiness Report as released this october 2012 according to GMA news.

yeeeeep. ladies and gents, we’re fucking bipolar. (and the US too.)

I’d rather not look too closely at the indicators of two measures of happiness and their disparate results. It might be interesting, and I’ve read enough books on the pursuit/gauge of happiness to be entertained, but ultimately, I’ll have to determine my own happiness.

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