bullet points

I’m told that if your writing doesn’t spring forth like a figurative geyser, then you better leave it well enough alone. So I’m not going to bother with cohesiveness for this particular entry.

* There are four days left before the online fund-raiser for cancer treatment for Jovan’s Dada will conclude. As of 9:17 PM the amount raised is $1,655. Short of the target still, but very much appreciated nonetheless. If you can endorse the cause, please still do.

* Just finished watching Blue Valentine. Going into it, you already know that it’ll document the end of a marriage juxtaposed with its (more or less) promising beginning. But it still does a number on you. However optimistic you try to be, the cynic in you will always be waiting for the rose-colored glasses to shatter — because too many relationships have failed. How many times have we heard, “Such a shame, they were so in love. And such really nice people! What a pity”? This isn’t Two for the Road or The Story of Us. This is more in the tradition of Revolutionary Road. Even War of the Roses was sort of funny. (I was a kid. I thought it was hilarious then. Haven’t seen it since.)

Fated to separate

* If we truly get the love we think we deserve, Blue Valentine is pretty much a self-fulfilling prophecy — the young woman afraid to trust in feelings that she believes will fade, and the young man already musing aloud that women in general say they want romance, but what they really want is a man who makes money. (Of course, they wanted so badly to be proven wrong.) Two beautiful actors portraying two equally sympathetic characters. They play out our fears, giving us exactly what we already suspect will happen. Quite the antidote to the romcom.

* I want to see the third and final installment to the “Before” series. It’s practically a category all on its own. When I was younger, Before Sunrise intrigued me (later, in college, it annoyed me quite a bit). On the other hand, Before Sunset pretty much convinced me that carrying a torch for someone to the point of dysfunction is actually attractive. Now the franchise is past due a conclusion. Before Midnight will have to wrap up this protracted courtship. I wonder if they’ll provide me with any new insight on human nature, romantic relationships and disillusion. (Because I’m such an expert with all this movie-watching, harhar.)


* My cat has the sniffles. He’s been sickly. I can’t afford to bring him to the vet at the moment. I’m not doing right by him, actually. But we’re bearing it as best we can. He’s sleeping, curled up on the couch, after being hand-fed. Given that he has the sniffles, he needs a little encouragement to eat. To start eating, anyway. He’s got a strong survival instinct though. My goal is to keep him as comfortable as possible I guess. The apartment is a retirement home for the old tom. His own private Florida.

* My zombie pic was a minor hit… except with my aunt and mom. I guess I’m okay with that. It was creepy. I couldn’t make myself “decay” further because I was creeped out myself.

* I’m a little melancholy. That’s why I’m happy it’s been sunshine-y lately.

* I want to watch Crazy, Stupid Love next. Romcoms make me happy too. No matter how farfetched. The right touch, the right actors, and it’s gold.


  1. UPDATE: Online fundraiser ended at $1,765. Thanks again!

  2. what zombie pic?

  3. posted it on FB đŸ™‚

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