Recently a 15-year-old Pakistani girl was killed by her own parents: acid was poured on her face because she allegedly looked at boys in passing (only one among the various reports available online says she actually spoke with them).

I’ve never understood “honor killings.” Why is disfiguring a girl considered a proper deterrent to sexual curiosity? Why will murdering a sister or daughter “save” family honor? Why is love synonymous with control?

I don’t understand why there’s such hatred and fear of women’s sexuality.

Musicians have teamed up with UN Women to spread a message against crimes of (so-called) honor.

To quote the article:

“The UN estimates that about 5,000 women and girls are murdered and abused each year by male relatives as punishment for a range of behaviors judged to have damaged the family reputation.”

The music video is inspired partly by an incident where a beautiful 26-year-old woman (a mother with two kids) — who had wanted to escape her family’s murderous reprisal and live a life free from fear — was shot dead.

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