what can i do? all i want is to be next to you

So, we’re going, my pal Cherry and I. Never mind that we’ve got the cheap seats.

There will be other friends in the crowd, two that I already know of in better seating, and I am kinda psyched. It will be a great crowd. We’ll be the two broke girls somewhere ‘neath the rafters of the coliseum, screaming our lungs off.

This is the concert of principle, when he chose to pull out of the original venue in protest of its sister-company’s controversial uprooting (and transfer) of trees. And yep, that public rejection’s gotta sting. Don’t you just want to hug him?

(I’m not as principled, I still patronize sister-company’s malls, it’s the most prevalent entity here and I can’t afford to be picky, yeah? HIS withdrawal makes an impact; mine will be a blip. We choose our battles.)

My fandom is mostly through my sister (who has already seen lolo Gordon perform way back when). I was 12 when I bought a tape of The Police’s Greatest Hits album for her, and I ended up listening to it and liking it and keeping it for myself. Bought the CD version later on. There was something wrong with the tape, it was too tinny, but still I kept listening to it.

I was already familiar with Sting prior to that – who could miss “Every Breath You Take”? Or “King of Pain”? – but I had no clue that he had a ton of other hits that I needed to pay attention to, too.

I ended up borrowing my sister’s tapes. I’d play Ten Summoner’s Tales, Fields of Gold: The Very Best of Sting, Mercury Falling, and …All This Time over and over again.

I listened to Dream of the Blue Turtles, …Nothing Like the Sun and Brand New Day too, but those came later (and the first two retrospectively).

I’d be tickled pink whenever he contributed to a movie soundtrack. “Shape of my Heart” was always a favorite, even more so given its association with Leon/The Professional. “All for Love” was my mushy anthem song for a time. A friend of mine burned me a copy of his movie songs, it’s buried somewhere with all the unmarked CDs.

I’m not a rabid fan. I couldn’t quite wrap my head around Songs from the Labyrinth and skipped If on a Winter’s Night and Sacred Love. I had mixed feelings over Symphonicities.

But I still think Sting-the-former-English-teacher is one of the best damn lyricists I’ve ever come across (even if he has a tendency toward romantic conceit) and one of the most technically proficient. I’m quite taken with the way he changes a piece of music during a live performance.

So yes, totally psyched.


  1. You lent me that CD, along many others.Thanks, Jo. 🙂 So excited! When U2 comes to Pinas, we’ll definitely have better seats because we won’t be two broke girls then. Haha.

  2. Indeed! And there’s still Coldplay 🙂 You bought me THAT CD, haha

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