feelings, nothing more than feelings

I’ve become Little Miss Sharer all of a sudden (?).

Sharing that I still cried today — “but only in the morning” — ‘coz I missed my cat, but that “good memories are surfacing, not just the shock and trauma of the past few days.”

Sharing that I like animals because there’s a purity of affection from ’em. No artifice, no pretense. They don’t like you? You’ll know. They won’t betray you, that’s not their kind of cunning.

And, to add insult to injury, telling a friend, “either you forgive people or you don’t expect too much from them.”

What the heck? I do apologize. I know so many kind people that I don’t know where the heck that’s coming from, really.

Relatedly (?), they say the Philippines is the most emotional country.


Is that a bad thing?

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