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Before anything else, I’d like to acknowledge that The RH Bill got passed, finally. You all know this already. It’s just worth mentioning again again again. Big hurdle cleared, there. Slow clap. I hope this stops the heavy propaganda machine in Church, where it’s not supposed to be at.

UPDATE: And yes, technically Christ was the “bastard” son of a pregnant teen who married a much older man, but I doubt anyone could or would want to emulate the circumstances of his birth. (Taking off from this).


SELF-CENSORSHIP. I’ve decided that the rant formerly contained herein was unfit for publishing 😛 Tee-hee.


“Are you tired of writing for a living?” a friend of mine asked yesterday, after I told her I felt in my gut that I had just flunked a writing exercise (and this after a battery of interviews I’d aced, all in the same day).

I didn’t really answer the question. I thought to myself: I can’t be tired of it. If I’m tired of it, that would mean I’d have to find another way to make a living. What do I do, go home and plant rose bushes? I have a black thumb.

Besides, I still get a kick out of it. I still get that high feeling when I’ve written something particularly good. (Even more when it’s acknowledged, yeah, I lap it up.) I still love reading other people’s stuff.

And I still get temporarily destroyed when I know I’ve written crap.

I guess I’m just scared that I’ll lose the ability to write engagingly and that I stop loving what I do.


“Why did you leave your old job?”

This is probably my most dreaded part of any interview. It takes something out of me. I feel disloyal to my friends, my former colleagues and my old company — the same company that gave me some good times (and some frustrating times, must not forget that too) — for even answering this question.

Why can’t people just be satisfied with “I wanted a change”?

Thing is, yesterday’s battery of interviews — written, recorded, personal, Skyped — drew out something from me: always, always, the question is WHAT DO I WANT?

“Don’t think about what the company wants,” I was told by the interviewer. “Tell me what you want.”

And it shocked me, that I had to search for my answer, that the interviewer thought I wasn’t considering my needs enough and that I was thinking overmuch on delivering what the company needs.

That I was trying to fit myself into a slot. That I was willing to configure myself to fit that slot.

It just totally floored me.

(UPDATE: I didn’t flunk the writing exercise, after all. But I’ve declined the job for reasons I’d rather not itemize. Suffice to say that I’m okay with the decision. And I guess I’m not as slot-friendly as I’d thought.)

Ok, moving on to actual freelance work that needs to be finished before I get back to Manila and other work. Here we go!

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