breaking the polite silence

i’ve been on the fence about the issue of “proper fora” in the case vs. carlos celdran.

as i’ve repeatedly noted, i am sympathetic to the man and the cause (made no bones i’m pro-RH law) but even i felt that interrupting an ecumenical service merited some form of penalty (to the extent of being evicted and banned from the premises — which occurred — like you would a heckler at a concert. never jail — and particularly never over the eyebrow-raising charge of offending “religious feelings.” say what?)

but i struggled over my sense of propriety still.

“when to shout in church” settled the issue for me.

you see, i quite forgot that carlos was only doing what the church authorities had already done: made the church and the pulpit a political space.

and in this political space “we the faithful” are supposed to be the captive audience, riveted like, well, sheep. that very unfortunate metaphor. only most of us are only too aware that the priest is not God the shepherd, however much he dons the mantle of authority.

last Christmas, my entire family went to mass. i didn’t. asked why, i shrugged and said i was tired of listening to the anti-RH homily. i got an incredulous look and the words, “yun lang!?”

what could i say? my discontent has become too deeply-rooted to verbalize. it’s been a gradual process through the years, but i have ceased to identify with the church and if truth be told, the catholic majority. whatever connection i’ve got to catholicism is hanging on by a tenuous thread and keeping away is my only recourse.

these days, i don’t go in simply because i am tired of being railed at, of being expected to stay mute and motionless while my supposed spiritual guide lashes out and scorns what i believe is right and just. whatever happened to letting the congregation think for themselves rather than being told what to think, what to do to their bodies, and who to vote for?

carlos vocalized his dissent in a manner that offended the priests; but honestly, haven’t we been offended over how they’ve disgraced the pulpit too?

bowlerhatif the hat fits, wear it. (image from ASOS)


  1. right on! : )

  2. i really hope that carlos doesn’t get jailed for articulating sentiments that many of us share. and i really do believe his action contributed to the kind of commentary that tipped public favor (and fervor) towards RH. #FreeCarlosCeldran

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