boeing boeing + chismaxx

My two cents on the latest Rep play “Boeing Boeing” AKA Juggling Love, came out in BusinessWorld Weekender today.

The cast members are truly a riotous bunch:

This lot can hardly stand still :)

This lot can hardly stand still 🙂

… And in case you were wondering, yes, stage director Miguel Faustmann (MF) did address the elephant in the room. Well, we did ask.

MF stressed that the two Michaels (de Mesa and Williams) backing out of the play on the very first day of rehearsals was not related to the split with Rep’s former associate artistic director Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo:

“Michael de Mesa is shooting a teleserye and their shooting is in Vigan and Pagsanjan, so he wouldn’t be able to do rehearsals, so how can we do a show without rehearsals? So he backed out. Michael Williams is also doing another production that conflicted with our show, a certain show date some weekend. And we cannot have an alternate for him. Kawawa naman for the alternate.”

“It’s just coincidental. Everyone is just making drama about it because of this Menchu thing, it’s not, it’s really mga chismoso. It’s all gossip… they don’t even know what they’re talking about.”

“There’s no bad blood, it’s a misunderstanding… we love Menchu and Menchu is always welcome to return to her position once she’s free to attend to it fully. They were concerned because she has a six-month contract at Resorts World, that’s six months away from Rep, even if it’s just on the weekends… the board felt – that because of her other things, other interests, [it] may not be good for the interests of Rep, period.”

That’s the story, and Rep is sticking by it.

I’ve got no opinion either way. Yes, he said more on the subject, but that’s the gist. Bygones.

I’m just glad that this particular show does go on… until Feb. 17 😉

 Yes, stuff happens in the wings ;) Nakakalurkey.

Yes, stuff happens in the wings 😉 Nakakalurkey.

My pal Nana went with me and also wrote a solid review of the play. Plus she had a grand time taking a ton of pics! The photos give you a real feel for the show. You’ve got to go visit her site 🙂

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