easter’s over

Best part of Easter long weekend, surprisingly, was a Skype conversation with family. Technically, they talked more than I did. I kinda prefer it that way.

I missed my chance to use up the 700+ mobile credits I’ve got for March for cinema tickets. I wanted to watch The Host, Admission, etc. using those credits. Oh well.

I had to finish some freelance work assignments, which is more important.

I signed on for a regular gig at a magazine. Started work last week. It’s a great gig. And that’s all I’m saying on that head 🙂

The sad news: I learned, during that Skype conversation, that someone from my childhood, the father of a classmate in elementary school, passed away. I remember this particular dad as being charismatic… the type of person that even my young self, who couldn’t care less about what went on with “the ‘rents,” paid attention to.

It saddens me that we do diminish with age. Easter is supposed to signal resurrection and rebirth. My mind, however, is stuck on Ash Wednesday.

This is our time now. Why do I keep forgetting that?

You can make a plan
Carve it into stone
Like a feather falling
It is still unknown

Until the clock speaks up
Says it’s time to go
You can choose the high
Or the lower road

You might clench your fist
You might fork your tongue
As you curse or praise
All the things you’ve done

And the faders move
And the music dies
As we pass over
On the arc of time

So you nurse your love
like a wounded dove
in the covered cage of night
Every star is crossed
by frenetic thoughts
they separate and then collide
and they twist like sheets
‘til you fall asleep
and they finally unwind
it’s a black balloon,
it’s a dream you’ll soon

I hear if you make friends
With Jesus Christ
You’ll get right up
From that chalk outline

And then you’ll get dolled up
And you’ll dress in white
All to take your place
In his chorus line

And then in you’d come
With those marching drums
In a saintly compromise
No more whiskey slurs
No more blonde-haired girls
For your whole eternal life
And you’ll do the dance
That was choreographed
At the very dawn of time
Singing “I told you son,
The day would come,
You would die, you die, you die, you die…”

To the deepest part
Of the human heart
The fear of death expands
‘til we crack the code,
we’ve always known
But could never understand
On a circuit board
We’ll soon be born
Again, again, again, again
And again, again, again…

(Hat tip to plyrics.com, with my edits)

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