i like the windows open…

… and the electric fan running, and the tropical dusk cooled by a light shower of rain that’s fast dissipating.

Ever felt that moment of anticipation right as the sun goes down, a spreading feeling of giddiness as city lights start blinking on and you stand watching – from a rooftop or balcony height perhaps, the wind in your hair and possibly a drink in your hand – waiting for something wonderful, something magical, to happen? You’re very nearly certain that once you finish that drink and step out (not off — although you briefly wish you could fly), it will.

I’ve never actually had those expectations met, but I’ve always liked the feeling of anticipation.

(Not that I’m going out tonight. I have a ton of stuff I haven’t finished… and another ton of stuff I haven’t even begun.)

But right at dusk, it’s easy to hold on to that feeling of “what if… anything can happen.”

duskTaken on a Manangs jaunt atop Bayleaf, City of Manila, 2013


  1. The same feeling comes with sunrise, but it’s harder to catch than sunset.

    Unless, that is, you are coming from a loooong night out — in which case it is not anticipation you feel but exhaustion. : )

  2. sunrise kinda makes me sad, haha. ‘coz usually I catch it when I can’t sleep.

    minsan lang ako nagsadya ng sunrise.

    best movie sunrise would be coppola’s marie antoinette, high jinks, bday party, champagne and sunrise-gazing, to the tune of joy division/new order’s “ceremony.”

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