at 2:34 a.m.

yet another anti-propagandist sends me a text message.

once upon a time, i was a political beat reporter. i don’t know how i survived. politics annoys me. this is probably why the snark overflows when i’m in a political setting.

i’ve drawn up my list. i dunno if i will go through with the vote. in a little over five hours, the polls will open. we’ll see if i withstand the queue to actually cast my shortlist.

i haven’t worked this weekend. i edited something for someone, just now, but i haven’t done any of the work i pledged to do. i transcribed for 15 minutes yesterday, when i have hours to go yet.

so tomorrow, or rather later today, i need to do the vote thing and then work. god help me.

at least the propagandists will lay off now.

at 11:39 a.m.

it took 3hrs, several songs, holding the umbrella against sun and rain, fighting vs “singiteros/as,” elbowing my way past a would-be stampede, and at one point kneeling at the gym staring at the tattered ceiling.


but I voted.


now to get rid of that primitive inkstain.


  1. Persistent scrubbing with rubbing alcohol on cotton works — most of mine is gone. : )

    1. persistent is the word. funny lang na uso pa ang inking in the time of zombie voters 😛

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