the end of pork barrel … as we know it?

It should be an easy decision to be part of the Million People March.

It is confronting the most jarring scandal to date:

* Billions of taxpayers’ money going to suspected bogus NGOs and more billions unaccounted for. And that’s just for a short time period investigated.
* The suspected instrument of embezzlement gone into hiding.
* A President who underwent a quick turnabout on the issue in a matter of days.
* Statesmen scrambling to deny the charge of embezzlement, assuming an injured air, after YEARS of funneling money to the questionable NGOs (sidestepping the issue of GROSS NEGLIGENCE of duty); these same statesmen bleating about “safeguards” for the people’s money and lauding the President for his public statement spelling out the end of pork barrel … as we know it.
* Dissatisfied citizens still pushing through with the march/Luneta vigil (despite naysayers, plus name-calling).
* Dissatisfied citizens booing the presence of an impeached Chief Justice and other dubious characters at the march/Luneta vigil.

Yep, this political drama is damn engrossing.

I’m not going. My sister and a few of my friends are. I’ve been cautioned not to let my cynicism lead to inertia. And I concede the point.

But I do believe in the cause.

* I believe the lawmakers should amend the law — against their receiving discretionary “priority development assistance” funding. I believe these funds should be redistributed to the line agencies, that budget allocation be strengthened further to prevent misuse of funds, and the auditing and legal system be made more effective.
* Barring outright abolition via amendment, I believe that government officials should fall in line with additional requirements to rationalize, justify, and qualify their allocations. I believe the public should look closely at how taxpayers’ money is spent.
* Moreover, I believe that public officials should be made accountable. I believe that this issue should not be allowed to blow over without weeding out the culprits and giving some reparation to taxpayers.

But yes, I do suffer from a lack conviction in how this can be accomplished.

I have joined marches before and been disappointed … here’s hoping that my cynical inertia is proven wrong.

I was asked by my boss: do I have any heroes?

The people who continue to have faith and are willing to bet on that faith … well, that IS kinda inspiring.

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