I don’t really want to talk about it but if anything has to be said it’s “Thank you and please keep it up.”

My favorite thus far is:

Just for the mix of cheekiness, assertiveness and healthy narcissism in the exchange (yes, I’ll donate for a–platonic–date, yes, please use my face in your graphic novel, yes please kill someone named after me in your next book).

But even so (and even outside of this particular fundraiser): There’s creativity at work, there’s also hard work, but ultimately, there’s generosity at work. It’s lovely.

Hat tip to Ira Pedrasa for posting this link on her FB wall 😉

The tally according to Jo Cotterill: £55,124.73 raised (the last time they did this, for Japan post-earthquake/tsunami last March 2011, they raised over £12,000). Awesome.


  1. … there’re also the folks who help out (thanks, it’s coming from a good place) and media-blasts (do reconsider).

    My two cents: document, THEN court media later. Spend your energies on the relief effort. Someone’s bound to notice.

    Plus it’s not so crass, like a selfie taken while handing out relief goods to the hungry.

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