i remember a friend of mine noting that i kept myself distant from what i wrote. this was about me writing an article for a newspaper. he was right.

i remember another friend saying that i slipped a little with the structure because i was emotional about what i wrote. this was about a blog post. he was right.

the strangest comment i’ve ever gotten is “it’s all hair.” hair being palabok. hair being style, minus substance. hair being overcompensating for the scarcity of truly relevant content. this was about a rush job on an exploratory article. guess i explored my way into a ‘fro. she was right.

distance dude told me i should get in there, get into the grit, so i could really write.
emotional dude didn’t suggest anything, just hinted that i should read it again and edit it with less emotion.
hair lady said i should cut the excess and focus.

these were separate circumstances, months or even years apart, but of course i remember them. because for that particular instant, i could see their point of view, and i wondered: so how do i fix it, should i fix it, do i want to fix it? easy answer is yes, right?

be factually correct. be entertaining, engaging. be true. << when in doubt.

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