3 things (Insurgent spoilers)

Another bout with insomnia has me listing things that Insurgent the movie bypassed that I kinda miss from ze book).

* Four having to confess to all and sundry via Candor trial that his leaving Abnegation for Dauntless was his biggest regret–that it was an act of cowardice because he’d needed to leave his abusive father. The perfect Dauntless soldier admits he’s really meant for Abnegation, which is basically a rejection of his current faction. (It eventually leads to his having to confront daddy and publicly and methodically beat up his worst demon.)

* Tris going through post-traumatic stress by being unable to shoot a gun (in the movie, she goes from shooting pal Will to shooting at the Erudite-led Dauntless traitors, #walalungs). It makes for great drama, underscoring her Dauntlessness (forging on despite her offensive incapacity) and Abnegation (crisis of conscience).

* Tris leading a ragtag team (sans Four, the deceived!!! mwahahaha) inclusive of hated daddy/Abnegation leader Marcus, reconciled best bud (and Candor transfer made Dauntless), Christina, plus Erudite recruits (Will’s sister Cara included), which makes for a great mix of the factions after a common goal: to retrieve that all-important data about their origins. While the pacifist Amity acted as peacekeepers. Kinda gives a glimpse of what could’ve been if this society had remained functional. And if the members stayed true to principle, as it also shows, through the recruits/dissenters, another side of Erudite that ain’t soul-sucking, mind-fucking control-freakism. Ah well.

The movie liked it simple. No fight between Tori and Tris over killing Jeanine before the the big reveal (Jeanine had no prior knowledge and was killed by Evelyn in the movie). Four did not force Caleb to help in the big reveal. Tris did not have to incite Four to act either. And the big reveal’s messaging was tweaked.

Hm. Smoother? Sure. Emotionally bankrupt? Less nuanced maybe (a couple of poignant death scenes left out; “faction over blood” given more weight during Tris’s confinement and torture; Kang’s hubris and the unmasking of Candor’s weakened political power; the flaw in Amity’s neutrality/pacifism, and Johanna’s surprising stand + her prophetic “those you oppress become mightier” statement).

I’m supposed to be sleeping. *Yawn* Will sort all this later.

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