50 random thoughts while watching Honor Thy Father

For an actual review, without spoilers, check out PJ Oliveria’s take at Nood.ph. For my random thoughts, obfuscated but with spoilers, read on:

  1. (Trailer) Oh cool, exploding people. Very cool.
  2. (Trailer) I love Darna’s burning hair. Love it. Daragang Magayon.
  3. I don’t think he’s hoeing right…but where’s the body?
  4. It’s a dog eat dog world. Have a sandwich.
  5. Cute kid; I think a pencil-to-the-eye is extreme, but can’t really blame her.
  6. It’s a little disturbing how every little girl wants to be the Virgin Mother of God.
  7. Ang galing ni John Lloyd magpigil. Best actor.
  8. I’m so glad I got out of that religious group where I was encouraged to speak in tongues. Thank you, Jesus. (Hey, everyone was a teenager, once.)
  9. Another dog. Lapdog. Where’s the body?
  10. Ouch.
  11. They didn’t take the coffin. I think.
  12. She hid? And left him outside?! Tsk.
  13. John Lloyd looks good beaten up.
  14. I wonder how many commandments they’re going to break in this movie.
  15. It would’ve been more chilling if the thuggish daddy hadn’t held a gun. The contrast of the “nice” wife, and politically smooth but sinister husband, the perfect plastic couple with the kid all scared and shorn between them, would’ve been more psychotic. (C’mon, anyone who does that to a kid–and brings his own kid along–is already creeptastic.)
  16. Oh. Nice. I love it when a man stands and just has PRESENCE. It’s a dick move, this looming move, with a gun in hand, but nicely done John “Looming” Lloyd.
  17. Oh. Nice shot. Nice framing. Nice shot, again. Let’s call it “Lloydside.” (All that dust is probably getting into that water.)
  18. Satan is speaking in a bank. I knew it. Satan likes banks.
  19. How many bodyguards does a preacher need?
  20. Organized religion is a confidence scheme.
  21. Blip. I feel ‘ya mehn, but don’t shout at your wife. That’s commandment no. 6 ata.
  22. The man knows how to handle a razor.
  23. R-13: Don’t be a victim. Be a (defensive) bully.
  24. Dong Abay has a really nice church voice.
  25. Of course the mother is beating the chicken to death with a stick. OF COURSE.
  26. Two women he doesn’t recognize just called him ‘brother.’ Does he belong to a mountain cult?
  27. Nice blocking. I don’t think he’s quarrying/picking that right. Nice blocking, again.
  28. “Tumaba ka.” #TitosOfBontoc
  29. Oh my daddy issues.
  30. Oh wow nice shot. Really nice shot. Why am I tearing up, it’s a nice prodigal son-mother moment! Aw.
  31. Kid got her chicken.
  32. This family is nice. Actually.
  33. The plan. When did he write that?
  34. “Lloyd(river)side.”
  35. I think those cockroaches will survive dynamite.
  36. They did. They did survive dynamite.
  37. They might even survive flood. #MayForever
  38. Another dead body and no cops.
  39. I’ve always wanted to blow up a bathtub. (My daddy shot a toilet. #AlamNa)
  40. Tan-tan-tan! Thieving in the Third World.
  41. If I were you, I’d cover up your tattoos. Identifying marks, you know.
  42. “Hindi mo ako kilala.” But he sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. He knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness’ sake.
  43. You’ve got to be shitting me. I thought you were professionals.
  44. Congressman brought backup I think. Any pompous, thuggish politician always has backup. Right? Goons are accessories.
  45. Gardening tools are the best.
  46. He took the Hummer? Is a Hummer easy to fence?
  47. Bleak. The man is finally unraveling and I feel nothing. Is this THE moment? Must be the moment. (I’m so unforgiving.)
  48. Nice soundtrack. Erwin Romulo. Huh. Say what you will, the guy has nice taste in music.
  49. I wish there were more hypocrisy. Everyone was unmasked. John Lloyd shed some layers, but I kinda wanted a lot more scraped off. What was his hypocrisy? That the apple can be flung far, far from the tree? That’s not hypocrisy. Wishful thinking, maybe. (He went to Baguio. Ilang pine trees away lang ‘yan sa minahan?) That a man controls his wife—I mean, destiny? Delusion, maybe. That if you do nothing wrong, no wrong will be done unto you? Manahimik ka lang, lumayo ka sa gulo, ok ka lang? Naivete, but not hypocrisy. That our sins are forgiven us?
  50. Good movie though. Beautifully shot. Good story. Panoorin.
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