Sisterhood in Bohol

  1. Good friends always make for a laugh trip.
    (That includes stopping to peruse the fiesta of scarecrows in a ricefield, and taking jump shots by the deserted man-made forest’s highway.)
    BeFunky Bohol Green
  2. Cleanliness makes for great tourism (seriously, I bet you could drink from Loboc River and not be hospitalized; kudos to the LGU for upholding the P10,000 fine for littering). The place we stayed at in Panglao, Isis Bungalows, is well-maintained, provides great service, and good food (much fresher than some others we spied). Their reputation is well-earned.
  3. Dolphins are the media whores of the sea, bless their fins. (Thanks for the vid Mira Kaye!) Worth the early call-time.
  4. You really don’t need much when you’re at the beach…besides a whole lotta sunblock (don’t forget to generously slather “the girls,” gels.) If you’re looking for a stretchy line of powdery sand, Dumaluan Beach only charges P25 entrance fee and it’s the same stretch as the posh resorts thereabouts (case in point: Bohol Beach Club is next door). Go island-hopping for the activity, but if you’re looking for a “swimming beach,” look no further. BeFunky Bohol
  5. No, don’t push your camphone too close to the sleepy my-personal-space-is-measured-in-hectares tarsier, all the while speaking waaaayyy above a whisper (what, your mama didn’t teach you any manners?). Yes, go snorkeling (and let go of the boat, it’s okay, you’ll float). Hell yes, go do the touristy bit–walk the long walk, ride the habal-habal, go biking if that’s your thing, paddle like you mean it, even hire a car to take you from the airport to the various tourist spots (Mira Kaye, planner extraordinaire, arranged an airport pickup + countryside tour with Ramil Palileo of Bohol Rent A Car 09205580974 and we were very lucky we got Dennis, erstwhile NGO worker, as our very informative guide)–just embrace the experience, and everyone you meet, be they a sweet old married couple who give you juicy old gossip on Imelda and Macoy and debate contemporary politics with you, a young Swedish man reading John Green on the beach, or the ever-resourceful, camera-expert local guide telling stories of kulam and helping you get around.Then , soon as you get the chance, do it all over again with your travel buds, hehe. Thank you ladies, for this rollicking time out of time. Sa uulitin!

    BeFunky Air Asia

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