the man behind marius


Getting the opportunity to pick the brain of Paul Wilkins, currently playing Marius Pontmercy for the international tour–starting with the Manila leg–of Les Mis, even for a mere 28 recorded minutes (and then some unrecorded time, inclusive of impromptu photo-op) was fun.

Searching out bits of content such as an ensemble whore asking him about his hair and stagey bagey also obsessed about his hair and that question I wanted to ask him that he asked someone else? Also fun. Lots of madcap antics at The Official Les Mis London (which makes you wonder what’s going on backstage at The Theater at Solaire).

Of course, since I played around a bit with the tone and called undue attention to his ridiculous good looks, I’m not sure he’ll actually appreciate  the end result of all this.

But thanks for being a sport Mr. Wilkins (I’d gotten out of the habit of addressing interviewees as “Mr” or “Ms” but BusinessWorld is reminding me it’s their style.)


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