some people find rituals comforting. the truly religious will have something more to say about this (e.g. prayer is not a mere means to self-soothe but a conversation with the almighty), but you could opt for the lesser effort: mindless tasks. anything familiar, repetitive, and rhythmic. soothing in its banal predictability. it’ll make you feel capable, productive, useful. getting into the rhythm of the necessary task is almost mechanical. eventually it becomes natural.turn off your mind, relax, and wash the dishes.

some people find solace in being still. everything else can and will move. but you needn’t do so. maybe you listen to sad songs abed, or sit on your favorite chair while the wind messes with your hair, and you track the movements of people around you, but you don’t necessarily engage. maybe you have a good cry while being pelted in the shower. whatever you choose, there are minimal changes to the status quo. you conserve your energy. until you feel you can shake loose your restraint without feeling overwhelmed or out of control. sit at the dock of the bay, watch the tide roll away, waste some time.

some people find solace in sensation. sun-bathing. plain old bathing. maybe you’d like someone to rub circles on your back or squeeze your hand or embrace you. maybe touch fulfills an emotional need. maybe you want a taste of something. comfort food. comfort drink. mood-altering intake. or natural hormone stimulation. oxytocin. endorphin. adrenaline/epinephrine. you could push yourself, physically exert yourself, sweat it out, shake it off. maybe sensation serves as distraction. maybe it centers you, makes you more aware of your body, and what you’re capable of. dance as a means of defying gravity.

some people find solace in taking care of other people. not much to say about this one. too many people need taking care of. and angels are in short supply.

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