6 days, 15,000 retweets, 2,762 shares

as of last check, the first two posts on dad’s disappearance have gone viral. thank you to everyone who has continued to post and enjoin their community to stay on the lookout.

for the latest updates, and FAQs, please go to this page.

there was a sighting in guadalupe by good samaritan din villafuerte, who sent a video. it looked like dad but it wasn’t dad. we’re still thankful that din took the time.

a good samaritan sent a photo through a friend, pia dysangco-villamor, of a man fitting dad’s description. it wasn’t dad. the man is being cared for, pia tells me. she has been extremely helpful in several other ways, and we thank her for it.

a good samaritan, belle, posted on FB and called us about a man fitting dad’s description in pasig. we thank her for her concern and for answering all our questions. we thank the pasig IT department, particularly ronald allan pascual, for helping us check the CCTV feed — i was disappointed not to see anyone resembling my father within the time frame of the sighting, but nonetheless, we hope that the posters we left in the area will jog someone’s memory. we don’t know for sure it was him pero baka-sakali.

i’m thankful for my relatives and friends and abandoned co-workers, who have been doing an awful lot to keep our spirits up and go out of their way to do anything from writing the media release (yol jamendang, giselle arroyo), promising to publish the same copy indefinitely (fernan angeles), putting the bulletins out through their respective medium (thank you MPC and other media friends, including the account managers and media strat), asking for bulletins to be flashed periodically (georgia de los reyes), driving us around and offering to drive us some more (louie millar, zeny millar, mar millar, leszek millar, tina, imee vosotros harle, mel rico, G, JCB), tapping their connections (everyone, everyone) and going out of their way to post the missing posters of my dad (lauren macaraeg, tita uni macaraeg, jace bulatao).

thank you to everyone who has shared, liked, called, PM’d, re-posted, commiserated, inquired, advocated. sana hindi kayo magsawa.

thank you to the tanods, the taxi drivers, the tricycle drivers, the guards, the kind owners of the print shops — too many to mention, individually — who have listened to us and volunteered to be on the lookout.

for every false lead there is a sincere ID. for every non-supportive message, there are many, many, many more shares.

your support helps when
…we get a false lead about a hit-and-run, or
…a dropped call, or
…booty calls, or
…someone scoffing for “conducting [our] search via social media,” or
…someone cracking a tasteless joke about dad being taken by pest buster, or
…a stranger telling us that dad didn’t simply get lost, dad really wanted to leave us.

there was also the texter who advised us that we should contact [x] at [specific hour] kasi “madami npo cya natutulungan at nagagamot”; i’m not entirely sure what the texter meant, but i’m assuming it was well-meant?

we  expected every stripe of advice. and some kind of judgment, actually. it leaks out every now and then.
why DID he leave?
what did you DO?
WHO was with him?
where were YOU?
WHY didn’t you…?”

or maybe it’s just poor choice of words.
“if you still want to see your dad…”
there are no ifs about it. however imperfect our relationship.

or maybe we’re just too sensitive.
or maybe we’re just not processing emotion right, right now.

“i feel like i’m in a stupor.”
“i’m resigned.”
“why not, on top of the other misfortunes, dad disappears?”
“should i pay this first or that first? both have consequences.”
“are you coming in to work today?”
“i need to submit something and if i’m going to work i might as well go in to work.”
“what time is it?”
“someone needs to get off work on [x] day. [x] is taking a leave to drive us.”
“have you fed mother?”
“we should probably go around the commercial establishments open on a weekend.”
“there were so many missing posters…they haven’t found those people yet. i asked.”
“have we tried the train to bicol yet?”
“buy bread on your way home; if you’re coming home early.”
“he’s probably starving.”
“has jessica soho replied yet?”
“should we go ’round the radio stations?”
“someone said we should go to WANTED by raffy tulfo.”
“i don’t like what that man says.”
“wag ka kasing inglesera/o.”
“what’s the next plan?”
“my brain is not working.”
“i feel like i’m in a stupor.”

the plan’s the same plan: find him. get him home.


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