day 9: with a little help from my friends…

today, a friend of a friend came through with a new bulletin:

One step closer to finding him.

i really can’t do it any justice. you know that feeling of not being alone?

virtual strangers are helping our family. though it seems we swing from depression to elation, there’s a bolstering effect from the kindness of strangers.

never mind people who would call because “wala lang” (direct quote) and “nakita ko number mo sa tv, sino ka?” (direct quote).

then there’re friends and family who have been reaching out. “what can we do?” asked the karoshis. “post his picture. i’ll let you know when i get a lead,” i kept telling them.

an aunt is sending us lunch today. she arranged for it, all the way from vancouver, with a friend who owns a food business in p’que. salamat, tita.

my cousin drove to paranaque to baclaran to quezon city to mandaluyong and back to paranaque yday. on a friday. doing what one does when one’s uncle is missing.

some have done things on the sly.

i learned that the sister of a friend printed out posters to give to their drivers; they own a logistics company, so imagine the places they go. i remember when i needed someone to help me pick up mother’s hospital bed…some of those drivers helped me, then, too.

i learned my workmates did something similar, printed out posters and distributed them, also gave them to the drivers in the ortigas business district.  (thank you, guys. see you on monday.)

my kada for life decided among themselves to send food and supplies. most of them are scattered all over metro manila, one is in tuguegarao, and the others are in the states, canada, HK, ireland, or a jumper (malaysia-ph-us). but the thing about the eclipsers, when they put their minds to something, shit gets done. i just realized that the kada has been through a lot — births (yay for the next gen), deaths in our respective families (the most recent one just this january, celebrated 40 day mass on that fateful feb. 15), illnesses (i’m editing myself because personal trials are theirs to convey, not mine) — and we’ve stuck it out. that’s gonna be college to cold earth, and a ton of chiristmases in between.

i had a conversation, pre-dad disappearance, where a friend and i ruminated on “big yellow taxi” and that notion of “you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.”

i know exactly what i’ve got. i’m grateful, man, i’m grateful.

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