day 20-21 of #FindFred

I have yet to personally meet sir Joe, but he sent me the link to the #UnangHirit PSA clip that will help us #FindFred.

The fact that he longs to go back to “the good ole days, the days of SNAIL MAIL and LESS STRESS” makes this doubly touching.

Tech stress is real (and debilitating). So is empathy.

Also recently, Carlos Celdran (the man who once allowed me to join his barter tour on the strength of wearing a not-quite Filipiniana costume) also shared the NAWAWALA poster on FB.

Same with Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.28829601_553544738345084_687906362_n

Our hyperlinked world allows for acts of kindness with just a click.

I find that — more often than not — people do take that extra step, that moment to be generous.

Please keep sharing. Please help us #FindFred.




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  1. […] na po ang radyo, print, at TV. Salamat po sa mga nagtawag at namahayag ng […]

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