i went to ginger’s concert, too

ed sheeran’s concert at MOA grounds in 10 paragraphs (supposed to be sentences, but i got carried away):

10. SM bombarded its shoppers with his songs, just to remind people that sheeran was having a concert that day. “praktis” according to my concert mates, cherry and acrit. (thanks acrit, for keeping the tix from way back in november. we owe you :))

9. walang tulakan. way to go ginger fandom. before, during, and after the concert.

8. they wouldn’t let my harmless water-in-tumbler in at the venue. boo. a nearby tiny tree got a dousing. at one point, had to buy a can of coke to dump in tumbler. contributed to the aluminum can waste. saw the bouncers were picking up the little debris left on the ground, so yay for that at least.

7. sheeran started late. tsk tsk. excited kids wore their illuminated headpieces, and divide shirts with pride. i kinda think putting a divide sign on your face is taking allegiance too far, but the face-painters got their money’s worth so why not.

6. the first thing sheeran did onstage (besides the “castle on the hill” kicker) was to introduce his most valuable tool, a loop pedal station, and assure his fans that everything is LIVE. the first time i saw the wonders of live layering was in a video of kt tunstall’s so it wasn’t a foreign concept to me; but the fact that sheeran sounded as good live and layered as he did on record was a revelation to me. #impressed.

5. the boy can SING. and sing his HEART out. he did it all in one go, no respite but to change guitars, or gulp down a bottle of water. we counted six bottles in all. the sweat dripped. his guitar-work never faltered. again, #impressed. he kept egging the crowd to sing along, even invent the lyrics, and as usual, complimented the crowd for “sound (ing) wonderful.” aww. sweet.

4. dear god above he should fire his graphics guy. rose petals dripping down his face during “tenerife sea”?  a sketchy couple dancing ‘neath the stars, and other moving planetary bodies, for “thinking out loud”? di ko kinaya, bes.

3. when he hit the first few notes of what i knew as “i see fire” but segued to “feeling good,” i got goosebumps. i think of “feeling good” as a woman’s song (i know right, sorry, nina simone killed it) but damn son, he got it. when he finally sung the lotr theme, i was like yaaaas sir. best back-to-back bits of the night.

2. when he sang “bloodstream,” i looked around and wondered if any of the tokhang tards would cry foul. nope. guess people were having too good a time screaming, singing along, and dancing like they were auditioning for lord of the dance.

1. he gave two encores. “shape of you” was anticlimactic as an encore for me (proof that though i love the song, it’s been overplayed in the philippines), and i wondered at the choice of “you need me, i don’t need you” as an ender. it allowed sheeran to (1) shred his guitar and (2) rap, two of his favorite things, and again, was a hell of a performance, but acrit wanted “give me love” and for some weird reason, i missed “afire love.” but hey, he delivered everything else we wanted, and killed it.

so thanks, gingerman. much love from the philippines.

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