how are you?

what were the hard-hitting questions of the week? in no particular order:

how do i freeze time?

when will i start this thing i’m supposed to have finished by now?

when will i finish this thing i’m writing?

why don’t i take photos of people?

may K ba akong pumasta ng ‘young, scrappy, and hungry’ #hamiltrash sticker? (i’m 37.)

is it cold to say that i won’t go to morgues because there’s very little i can do for a ‘body’? and exposing myself to a vast array of bodies in this tokhang society is <insert appropriate emotion>…???

if i don’t go through the ritual of worship, do i have the moral authority to shape a child’s morality? how do you teach decency and compassion, good and evil, outside the framework of religion?

is drinking vitamins a good substitute for eating?

is leftover tinola apocalytpic? or is that till-the-end-of-time-reheat adobo?

will watching westworld make me philosophical or robotic?

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