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3 days

In 3 days, we mark the first month since mama’s passing. Her cremains lie in their gray marble jar, next to her photo (that time us girls went to Korea), the cross, her rosary, a mass card, a candle always lit. Every night, at 9 p.m., we say the death novena for her, the Decenario. […]

Be of good cheer, they say

It’s Christmas.This used to be my favorite time of the year. Way back when, we’d have a big old party at the old maternal homestead. All the cousins would go home to Guinobatan; we’d stay there for at least a week. When we were kids, it was an awesome playground, lots of space in the […]

angry is better than tired, i guess?

too bad some days (actually, a lot of days) i’m just tired. tired of the Metro Manila traffic (dubbed “longest commute/ worst traffic on Earth” in 2015, “among 10 worst in the world” in 2016, and considered both a health risk and a crisis that needs congressional resolution, to date). dilemma 1: lose sleep (ha! and maybe shorten your life) so you […]

Lost in transition

For many, beginning a career transition or a job search may seem like a daunting task. Beyond the emotional impact, you may have questions such as: What do I want to do? What do I need to do? Where do I start? ~ Milestones Workshop Resource Guide, Lee Hecht Harrison I’ve quit my job. Voluntarily, quite […]

same girl, different day

today i remembered who i was. the funny thing is, i realized it in the midst of a three-way (conference, gutter minds), after another sleepless night. > i’m the same girl who convinced a boardroom of male bigwigs to take her, and her teammates, seriously. > i’m the same girl who went diving—though i can’t […]

brilliance does not excuse bad behavior

2:46 a.m. and I’m wondering why brilliant men behave like jerks. >maybe they feel entitled. >maybe they are merely impatient to get to the next brilliant thing. maybe they need to run over people to get there. >maybe they’re irritable and impatient, as well as brilliant. >maybe they’re having a bad day. week. month. or […]

a thief almost got my phone… again

this is the third time that my mobile phone almost got stolen. it’s been a different phone every time, a different thief, a different part of metro manila. but yep, the third time a thief got his hands on my phone and i got it back only out of SHEER DUMB LUCK. the first time […]


I don’t really want to talk about it but if anything has to be said it’s “Thank you and please keep it up.” My favorite thus far is: Just for the mix of cheekiness, assertiveness and healthy narcissism in the exchange (yes, I’ll donate for a–platonic–date, yes, please use my face in your graphic […]

one at a time

i remember throwing up in the sink right in the middle of writing my thesis in college. it was an anxiety attack. i was going on a deadline, had written X number of pages in a sleepless marathon (because sometimes i can’t let go until i finish something to the end) and i was really, […]

the end of pork barrel … as we know it?

It should be an easy decision to be part of the Million People March. It is confronting the most jarring scandal to date: * Billions of taxpayers’ money going to suspected bogus NGOs and more billions unaccounted for. And that’s just for a short time period investigated. * The suspected instrument of embezzlement gone into […]