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Historical Fiction: China’s South China Sea Claims

I love how logical this is. Historical Fiction: China’s South China Sea Claims. Advertisements

the end of pork barrel … as we know it?

It should be an easy decision to be part of the Million People March. It is confronting the most jarring scandal to date: * Billions of taxpayers’ money going to suspected bogus NGOs and more billions unaccounted for. And that’s just for a short time period investigated. * The suspected instrument of embezzlement gone into […]

POLITICS and CORRUPTION have killed more journalists than WAR

Photo from the International Women’s Media Foundation

eureka and WTF moments of halalan 2013

the WTF moments 1. hearing that a PCOS machine had broken down in a neighboring precinct (hence the line holdup) — and reading later that 200+ of 78,000 PCOS machines were expected to break down (had broken down?), which is “minor” compared to the 400 of 76,000 back in 2010. not exactly great odds. 2. […]

breaking the polite silence

i’ve been on the fence about the issue of “proper fora” in the case vs. carlos celdran. as i’ve repeatedly noted, i am sympathetic to the man and the cause (made no bones i’m pro-RH law) but even i felt that interrupting an ecumenical service merited some form of penalty (to the extent of being […]

tired of the debate

from the facebook files: overheard from bourne [legacy] on a rickety bus: “morally indefensible but necessary” i kept thinking, what’s morally indefensible but necessary? the use of aggressive force. in self-defense, in protection. there is no clause after “thou shall not kill” is there? so killing in self-defense is still morally indefensible but necessary. the […]


Recently a 15-year-old Pakistani girl was killed by her own parents: acid was poured on her face because she allegedly looked at boys in passing (only one among the various reports available online says she actually spoke with them). I’ve never understood “honor killings.” Why is disfiguring a girl considered a proper deterrent to sexual […]