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u2 in manila

this has been discussed so much in the periodicals and with friends that i can hardly add to the narratives being spun. they go along the lines of:(1) worth it — it being the the price of admission, including the hours enduring traffic, long lines, and standing toe to toe with “fans” who don’t care […]

i went to ginger’s concert, too

ed sheeran’s concert at MOA grounds in 10 paragraphs (supposed to be sentences, but i got carried away): 10. SM bombarded its shoppers with his songs, just to remind people that sheeran was having a concert that day. “praktis” according to my concert mates, cherry and acrit. (thanks acrit, for keeping the tix from way […]

Bitchin’ night with Madonna

From the first, Madonna has been using religious iconography and sexual deviancy to claim the public’s attention. What she does with that attention is something else–show her strength, question established norms (what is supposed to be acceptable or tolerable or appropriate behavior), and express her unique brand of artistry.

emoterong flamingo

There’s something about Mraz that’s a little bit over the top. I kinda expect to be razzed by friendly folk when I admit that I like the dude (oh wait, RJO did joke about my “corn-fed farmboy” fixation way back when). I bought a tape — yes, a TAPE — of his album, Waiting for […]

go, get ‘the room’

“Boogie’s music is like a movie that you haven’t seen yet, and you want to,” would be my rough translation of an aside, in Tagalog, uttered by Enzo V (of Eevee) to my cousin Georgia DLR. He’s referring here to Boogie Romero (you’ve heard him in Dicta License and Kjwan) who had just launched his […]

bullet points 2

* I watched Django Unchained a couple of days ago; it made me laugh like crazy. However, I can’t write anything for fun until I’ve finished the articles I need to finish. I don’t review everything I watch anyway. * I made a life-changing decision yesterday. * My article on the Santana concert came out […]

who buys a zoo?

I watched We Bought A Zoo the other day ‘coz I couldn’t sleep and it was one of those films that I figured wouldn’t push me into a weird mood. (Weird mood + no sleep = bad mood. Or eventually, weird sleep.) It made me want to live in a world where a former reporter […]

safe haven (another sparks movie + murder?)

Still feeling the after-effects of V-day? Listen to the soundtrack of Nicholas Sparks’ newest book-turned-movie, Safe Haven. It’s sweet and sparkly and wistful… very Americana folksy and pop/country (only Gareth Dunlop is Irish and The Deep Dark Woods are Canadian). Like this track from Jason Mraz’s ex: If you’re curious about the movie itself, I […]


I came, I saw Sting… I almost creamed my pants. Just kidding!!!! Hahahaha. I went to the concert to simply experience, not to critique (as if! it was sublime) so this article ended up being a surprise gift of sorts (a way to recoup the price of the ticket, said my editor, haha). GA ticket: […]

safe and sound

just close your eyes / the sun is going down / you’ll be alright / no one can hurt you now always did like this song.