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they say every sunrise is different…

…it’s probably true. as with a sunset. it shouldn’t look the same. the last time i spied a memorable sunrise, though, was at a resort in baler. was there on a job, i woke up really early, around 3am or 4am (like this morn), for no reason. so i pulled on a sweater, went out, […]

It’s a war against people.

Since I wrote this (below), President Duterte has said that the gov’t will investigate incidents of “salvage.” And the DILG chief has urged the PNP to investigate the vigilante killings, and have Internal Affairs look into the killings of suspects during police operations. It took months, and hundreds dead, and a lot of protesting–including a statement […]


some people find rituals comforting. the truly religious will have something more to say about this (e.g. prayer is not a mere means to self-soothe but a conversation with the almighty), but you could opt for the lesser effort: mindless tasks. anything familiar, repetitive, and rhythmic. soothing in its banal predictability. it’ll make you feel capable, […]


The day I turned 35: I woke up, made breakfast (with help from my sister-in-law), swept the garden, watered the plants, washed some linens, set up my “home office” in the garden, and transcribed an interview I did the day before, slow-baking in the Holy Week heat. Text messages had started coming in while I was asleep, […]

why do i watch movies?

i should say for the story. but i guess the truth is, i want to be transported. as a kid, i grew up on movies. my cousins and i would watch everything the family video rental would lend out. the rental wasn’t strictly kosher, but we didn’t know that. all we knew was that we […]

self-entitlement: is that, like, an epidemic?

Read this from Entrepreneur (emphasis mine): Philippines country manager Philip A. Gioca said on Tuesday, March 15 that based on the survey’s findings, a greater number of respondent-employers think that PUP graduates possess the most traits that they are looking for in fresh graduate applicants. “The companies state that PUP graduates are generally very hard-working […]

if you’re an introvert

I don’t know when it became popular for introverts to “come out” as introverts. Or for people to introduce themselves as “ambiverts,” which is actually a real thing (my friends Webster and Merriam say so). But for the intros and near-intros, a few tips: (1) Your doorbell ought to be shorted out so every time […]