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takeaway from jessica zafra’s AMA

for those who asked, some random head trauma from the freebie Twisted workshop: (1) if you’ve stopped reading the good stuff, you are doing yourself a disservice. one thing zafra hasn’t lost is her enjoyment of books. (“fuuuuuck this is really good, i wish i wrote this!” is a good indication that you’ve just read […]

if you want to be a writer…

…then write. and keep on writing, even when it’s trash. it’ll get better (we hope). or at least it won’t sting as badly when you get it wrong. but it’s always, always gonna be sweet when you do get it right. if you’re writing, anyway, learn from the best. jessica zafra is giving a workshop, […]


i remember a friend of mine noting that i kept myself distant from what i wrote. this was about me writing an article for a newspaper. he was right. i remember another friend saying that i slipped a little with the structure because i was emotional about what i wrote. this was about a blog […]

as true now as it was then…

2011.09.12 10:44PM On days when I feel disconnected from my body, I don’t look too closely at shiny surfaces. They startle. There’s a buzzing in the air, like a pulsating laptop in an empty office, or the TV turned on to babysit. Stare at the blue screen long enough, you feel tingly, you start crackling […]

taking a break

EXT. CLIFFSIDE — NIGHT A rail-thin woman is sitting at the edge of a cliff, her feet dangling, a little bored. The moon’s full. There is hardly any wind, just little gusts desultorily lifting a few strands of her dark hair from her neck, as she peers at the shadows below. A little boy walks […]

Transcribing isn’t writing…

unless you’re aiming for a Q&A. The Q&A is a cheat-article. Honestly, all you need is a clever intro. And then you can pick and choose the interesting answers. (Ask a few provocative questions, and you’re bound to get a few interesting answers. Voila!) In fact, you get more answers than you have space for […]

the write stuff

Before anything else, I’d like to acknowledge that The RH Bill got passed, finally. You all know this already. It’s just worth mentioning again again again. Big hurdle cleared, there. Slow clap. I hope this stops the heavy propaganda machine in Church, where it’s not supposed to be at. UPDATE: And yes, technically Christ was […]

“stories are just data with a soul”

In the course of work and worrying over my sick cat, I stumbled upon this old TED talk over how to deal with vulnerability. “You know how there are people that, like, when they realize that vulnerability and tenderness are important, that they kind of surrender and walk into it? (A) That’s not me and […]