i should say for the story. but i guess the truth is, i want to be transported. as a kid, i grew up on movies. my cousins and i would watch everything the family video rental would lend out. the rental wasn’t strictly kosher, but we didn’t know that. all we knew was that we […]

Read this from Entrepreneur (emphasis mine): Jobstreet.com Philippines country manager Philip A. Gioca said on Tuesday, March 15 that based on the survey’s findings, a greater number of respondent-employers think that PUP graduates possess the most traits that they are looking for in fresh graduate applicants. “The companies state that PUP graduates are generally very hard-working […]

Getting the opportunity to pick the brain of Paul Wilkins, currently playing Marius Pontmercy for the international tour–starting with the Manila leg–of Les Mis, even for a mere 28 recorded minutes (and then some unrecorded time, inclusive of impromptu photo-op) was fun. Searching out bits of content such as an ensemble whore asking him about his […]

I don’t know when it became popular for introverts to “come out” as introverts. Or for people to introduce themselves as “ambiverts,” which is actually a real thing (my friends Webster and Merriam say so). But for the intros and near-intros, a few tips: (1) Your doorbell ought to be shorted out so every time […]

Possibly the hardest thing for a daughter, for a son, for a child, is to have a sick parent. The role reversal isn’t the killer. It’s the fact that they (parents) are aware that they’re not up to the task of taking care of themselves. And that they have to depend on you. And that […]

Good friends always make for a laugh trip. (That includes stopping to peruse the fiesta of scarecrows in a ricefield, and taking jump shots by the deserted man-made forest’s highway.) Cleanliness makes for great tourism (seriously, I bet you could drink from Loboc River and not be hospitalized; kudos to the LGU for upholding the […]

From the first, Madonna has been using religious iconography and sexual deviancy to claim the public’s attention. What she does with that attention is something else–show her strength, question established norms (what is supposed to be acceptable or tolerable or appropriate behavior), and express her unique brand of artistry.