i went back to work today. also today: my family got our second “accident” call, and first morgue prospect. (not dad.) however, that has been eclipsed with today’s good news: * a phone call to our contact in PNP Pasig yielded the assurance that they have expanded their search beyond the two barangays we originally […]

“You can go wherever you want; you can do whatever you want,” my dad told me once, in one of his lucid moments, bewailing his lack of agency. He doesn’t like being beholden to anyone. He doesn’t like being followed by a “handler.” He gets antsy when we tell him we’ve bought a ticket…unless the […]

today, a friend of a friend came through with a new bulletin: One step closer to finding him. i really can’t do it any justice. you know that feeling of not being alone? virtual strangers are helping our family. though it seems we swing from depression to elation, there’s a bolstering effect from the kindness […]

with all the MISSING posters, we forget the other part of the equation: they’re PEOPLE, not just photos, not just a fill-in-the-blanks story or a template. name. age. distinguishing marks. pre-existing condition. last seen. recent photo. contact person and number. just another lost soul among countless others. many missing people are young children. you hope […]

hello. with the help of our friends and family, nanawagan kami sa media: … sa abs-cbn / dzmm (typo: should be Vosotros with an S): … sa tv 5 / news 5 / radyo 5: …sa gma news tv / dzbb / unang hirit (airing april 22 AM): sa ngayon, wala pa rin po na […]

as of last check, the first two posts on dad’s disappearance have gone viral. thank you to everyone who has continued to post and enjoin their community to stay on the lookout. for the latest updates, and FAQs, please go to this page. there was a sighting in guadalupe by good samaritan din villafuerte, who sent […]

Latest Update: March 18, 2018, 11:09 p.m. Hello. Salamat sa mga nangungumusta and who have shared my father’s missing poster. We will attempt to answer the Frequently Asked Questions here: 1. Sino ang nawawala? Alfredo “Fred” V. Poblete, 76, lolo, tatay, Bicolano, dating empleyado ng gubyerno. 2. Anong itsura niya? Mahigit-kumulang 5’4, payat, huling nakita […]