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stuff happened last saturday…

halata bang ayoko magsulat? “stuff happened last saturday.” my cousin georgia and i went ’round the soup kitchens and found zilch. a social worker at paco church, edward, told me that folks saw dad — or someone who looked like dad — along roxas blvd. one of the homeless men i spoke with says my […]

my brother’s soup kitchen story

“May kumausap sakin na elderly lady. Nanay Belen. Niyaya nya ako kumain. Nagpasalamat ako at sinabi ko sige po. Sabi nya ganito ang buhay namin. Sabi ko buti po may namimigay ng pagkain. Nagkwento sya na pag Sabado iba daw ang pagkain. At sa Kalinga may pakain muna tapos ligo. Kung wala daw damit binibigyan. […]

ano ang latest? #FindFred

my family (not me) has been trolling the soup kitchens. andaming kamukha yung dad ko. balita namin yung mga kamukha niya may berks. namasyal daw sila sa sta. cruz. #cruzin naglakad din yung familia sa roxas blvd. at naglibot ng simbahan. nakaraang holy week. walang himala. pa. eloi, eloi, lama sabacthani? click here for #FindFred […]

day 20-21 of #FindFred

I have yet to personally meet sir Joe, but he sent me the link to the #UnangHirit PSA clip that will help us #FindFred. The fact that he longs to go back to “the good ole days, the days of SNAIL MAIL and LESS STRESS” makes this doubly touching. Tech stress is real (and debilitating). So is empathy. […]

…i keep seeing that photo…

so para maiba, kolokoy-ness. rhum, rheumy eyes, and rheumatism. four years ago, 2014, taken at a december family reunion. pre-disappearance. the last december pre-mother-strokes. we met a cousin here who would be my mom’s doctor. little did we all know, right? this was probably the last photo we took na kumpleto yung unang sanga. it sucks […]

what day is it? day 15.

been skipping days. went back to work. running kinda late. it seems i can’t hack it much these days. so i don’t have a lot of energy, and i’ve got a lot of work yet to do, but just wanted to give the 411: so there was a sighting. my sister pursued it for two […]

day 13: the prints came through

The bulletin on Dad’s disappearance has been printed several times. We didn’t go for the broadsheets; we targeted the handy compact prints — yung madaling mabili at maabot sa bangketa ng madla. Sa tulong ng tawag at pakiusap, nailabas sila. Arriba     Abante Tonite     Pilipino Star Ngayon As a result of the […]

day 12: more news, no news

yday, i fell asleep with a minor migraine, and the laptop on. as usual. came home, bought mother a few items from mercury drug as requested by sugar our mom’s daytime caregiver (i forgot to buy ibuprofen for myself though, we’ve run out pala), ate dinner, washed the grime off, turned on the laptop, fed […]

day 11: Oplan #FindFred continues

i went back to work today. also today: my family got our second “accident” call, and first morgue prospect. (not dad.) however, that has been eclipsed with today’s good news: * a phone call to our contact in PNP Pasig yielded the assurance that they have expanded their search beyond the two barangays we originally […]

day 10: we went to GRACES today

“You can go wherever you want; you can do whatever you want,” my dad told me once, in one of his lucid moments, bewailing his lack of agency. He doesn’t like being beholden to anyone. He doesn’t like being followed by a “handler.” He gets antsy when we tell him we’ve bought a ticket…unless the […]