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sinong gustong pumunta ng la mesa dam? go cliff-hanging? bike like a boss? Lakbay2Love lang katapat niyan.

lennon logic

~ via Goodreads | Image is a derivative of album cover of “Lennon Legend: The Very Best Of John Lennon” lifted from Nogor Shorisrip Goodnight.

in defense of dogs (and assholes)

Valentin: You say that all the world’s religions share common truths, it’s exciting… Tolstoy: No, no, one truth, one single organizing principle. And can you guess what that is? Valentin: Ah… Tolstoy: Love. Love. Simple. ~ The Last Station (2009) I haven’t finished watching it. I tend to not finish watching stuff or reading stuff […]

love in its many guises

what ’til death do us part means… my friend’s 98-yo-grandfather crying out “i love you g______ n____!” (his wife’s name) in his sleep, three years after she had died. until he himself died. my grandmother’s soprano trembling on “let me call you sweetheart” at my grandfather’s funeral. it was their song; they had always danced […]