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Bitchin’ night with Madonna

From the first, Madonna has been using religious iconography and sexual deviancy to claim the public’s attention. What she does with that attention is something else–show her strength, question established norms (what is supposed to be acceptable or tolerable or appropriate behavior), and express her unique brand of artistry.

i like the windows open…

… and the electric fan running, and the tropical dusk cooled by a light shower of rain that’s fast dissipating. Ever felt that moment of anticipation right as the sun goes down, a spreading feeling of giddiness as city lights start blinking on and you stand watching – from a rooftop or balcony height perhaps, […]

a night to remember

*** Photo by Franz de la Fuente There are five texts, two missed calls, and one FB message at 6:23 p.m. from my sister, who had just scored free tickets to an 8 p.m. show — Snow Patrol’s first ever concert in Manila. By 6:55 p.m. I’m out the door. It’s the fastest I’ve hauled ass […]