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when worlds ought to collide

There’s a lot to the story of Upside Down that needs to be explained and explored. It was visually arresting, a mite sentimental, and all too brief. The ending was rushed, the climax all but lost. Yet I enjoyed this movie because of the premise alone: twinned worlds alienated from each other, star-crossed lovers reaching […]

bullet points

I’m told that if your writing doesn’t spring forth like a figurative geyser, then you better leave it well enough alone. So I’m not going to bother with cohesiveness for this particular entry. * There are four days left before the online fund-raiser for cancer treatment for Jovan’s Dada will conclude. As of 9:17 PM […]

love in its many guises

what ’til death do us part means… my friend’s 98-yo-grandfather crying out “i love you g______ n____!” (his wife’s name) in his sleep, three years after she had died. until he himself died. my grandmother’s soprano trembling on “let me call you sweetheart” at my grandfather’s funeral. it was their song; they had always danced […]