till the clouds clear

Mt. Mayon in Albay

Mt. Mayon in Albay

It’s been a sunny few days since I’ve been home in Bicol.

We were supposed to be in the path of Tropical Storm Pablo (international name: Bopha), but we’ve been spared. It’s parts of Mindanao and the Visayas that are being battered right now.

As of 6 a.m. today, over 8,000 families (over 41,000 people) have been affected in Region VIII (Eastern Visayas), X (Northern Mindanao), XI (Southern Mindanao), and XIII (CARAGA), reports Undersecretary Abigail F. Valte in today’s Palace briefing.

Eighty (UPDATE: 130 according to ABS-CBN) flights were cancelled; meanwhile stranded passengers number more than 3,000 in the ports, media reports.

In my part of the Philippines, the skies are cloudy, but there’s been no rain. The cats are lazing in the heat. The workmen continue to pound their nails. At the end of this day, the front yard will sport a new walkway of tiles, and the broken door (which has since been replaced) would have been converted into a table.

Blue skies... and getting bluer by the minute

Blue skies… and getting bluer by the minute

Weather really is fickle. Do say a prayer for those of us caught in the storm… till the clouds clear.

The main difference between the province and the big city would be the sounds.

At 12 noon and 5pm the municipal-now-city siren — a throwback from the wartime era and bomb alerts mayhap, it’s been there since I can remember — wails. At 6 p.m. the church bells ring. At dusk and dawn there’s a cacophony of sound, an insect frenzy no longer heard of in the big city.

This being December, the carolers are out at night. So far it’s been groups of men who can pluck a guitar and carry a tune. Surprisingly, the kids with their tin cans and flattened bottle caps, have yet to assail ears with their discordant singing. Give it time.

There’s music everyday, blasting out of speakers, or from practices nearby by a choir.

Bicol is lucky that this December we didn’t get blasted by yet another storm.


  1. you know that superstition, about not calling attention to something because mischievous spirits will also take notice and do something truly evil?

    it’s raining now. my poor mama’s newly-laid tiles are getting wet.

    damn you pablo, damn you.

    oh well. could be worse.

  2. Pablo/Bopha resulted in 540 dead; 1,088 injured; 827 missing; 5,408,229 persons affected; P6,084,480,540.07 in infra and agri, P18,388,493.00 in private properties damaged – R. Bengco of Malaya quoting NDRRMC

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