go, get ‘the room’

“Boogie’s music is like a movie that you haven’t seen yet, and you want to,” would be my rough translation of an aside, in Tagalog, uttered by Enzo V (of Eevee) to my cousin Georgia DLR.

He’s referring here to Boogie Romero (you’ve heard him in Dicta License and Kjwan) who had just launched his second solo album, “The Room” at Alphonse, in Citygolf.

I’m a little envious (Ee-n-vee-ious?) of that description, because it’s so true. It captures that elusive quality of familiarity in the music, that teasing sense of “I should know this, it speaks to me, but this is the first time I’m hearing it.”

Nail head, meet hammer. Say “ouch.”

Isn’t it funny that the human brain is only capable of processing certain things by yanking tenuous connections and associations?

I could say that Romero’s music has threads of The Beatles, Angus Stone, Billy Corgan channeling Stevie Nicks, and Bon Iver (minus the unearthly, expansive tone). Would that be any better? Any clearer? Less confusing?

It also has a hint of self-containment, a narrowing of perspective to the very personal. (Hence the title? Who knows? Not me.)

Prior to this album launch, I’d only heard snippets (like that up there, there’s a blackbird singing somewhere up there) of Romero’s music. Those snippets were enough to convince me that he’s a musician one should pay attention to. He’s not a great singer — that would be my cousin Georgia, whose voice is simply beautiful — but he’s an artist. His compositions speak to the soul.

And that’s what music is, isn’t it? An almost tangible connection to the soul.

I sometimes wonder why musicians, who can be such imperfect — and really, weirdly ordinary, and often silly (just like me and you and you and me) — people can create something so pure and soul-deep. It’s amazing, really.

In a movie, the imperfect is perfectly fine. Who doesn’t want to live in a movie?

In a movie, even the pettiest concern is heightened, of paramount concern. In a movie, one can be a lovable asshole. In a movie, one can be the loser who gets the girl. In a movie, you can get away with all kinds of shit and still come out smelling of roses.

I haven’t seen my movie yet, but I want to. And I think it should have a killer soundtrack.


Makinig na nga lang tayo.

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